Audrey's Colorado Avalanche Scrapbook (NHL)
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ehh they didn't play so hot this weekend but the new uniforms are great. Maybe Santa will bring me one.

>7 days
not impressed with Saturday night fights
>7 days
Favorite Players:
(current and past)
Adam Foote
Why I am a fan:
hockey is the best sport
Favorite Moments:
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Audrey's Bio
just won Avs playoff tickets off the...
>7 days

had a nice snow day yesterday...only...
>7 days
Yesterday's USA v Canada hockey game...
>7 days
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...what more is there to say
Height: 5' 7"
Bats: R
Throws: R
Schools: na
Relationship Status: Free Agent (Single)
Kids: none!
Occupation: bean counter
Companies: a school
Places I lived: Jacksonville, AR, western suburbs of Denver
Greatest Moment in Sports:na
Greatest Event in Sports:na
Greatest Athlete of All Time:Patrick Roy
Greatest Coach of All Time:na
Most Fanatical Moment:Snuck out of work early to go meet Rene Corbet
My Sports Superstitions:The avs play much better if I'm not watching them.
Most Disappointing Sports Moments:na
Fantasy Skill Level:na
Sports I Play:Martial Arts
Current Skill Level:na
Highest Organized Level:na
Athletes I've Played With/Against:na
Sports Trophies/Awards:na
Career Highlights:na
Career Lowlights:na
Sports Injuries:got knocked out by a baseball that I failed to catch...hahah, partially tore my right ACL while trying to do a spinning back kick to my instructors head =o(
Games I Usually Attend:Avalanche home games and a couple DU hockey games and sometimes a few Rockies games.
Greatest Sporting Event I've Attended:home hockey games
Sports People I've Met:Rene Corbet (do you see a pattern here =o) )
Sports Figures from my Hometown:I dunno of any
Most Prized Sports Possessions:jeresy
Sports Trading Cards:none
Athlete Autographs:I have a signed Rene Corbet Puck
Favorite Sports Collectibles:I have a Patric Roy figure that's fun
Dream Sports Job:na
Favorite Jerseys:Rene Corbet (20)
Favorite Sports Brands:none
Favorite Ballgame Foods:peanuts
Beer of Choice:PBR, Avalanche, Fosters, Stella, Killans...I could go on and on
Hottest Athletes:Dan Hinote, Wojtek Wolski, John-Michael Liles, Darren McCarty
Ugliest Athletes:Chris Chelios
Favorite Sports Announcers:Peter Mcnab!
Least Favorite Sports Announcers:na
Favorite Sports "Experts":na
Least Favorite Sports "Experts":na
Favorite Sports Movies:Slap shot, Miracle
Favorite Sports Books:none
Favorite Sports
Video Game Skill Level/ Playing Style:na
Favorite Sports Video Games:na
Non-Sports Hobbies and Interests:reading, traveling, clubbing/dancing, laughing, having fun, watching hockey
TV:Lost, The Office, Parking Wars
Music:I love pretty much any sort of music, esp if you can dance to it
Video Games:na
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Teams Audrey Hates
Detroit Red Wings
Why I Hate Them: ...
Players I Hate: Chris Chelios