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11-18 of 18 videos

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Facebook Anthem

I'm gettin' bored of Facebook...this is so true, set to the tune of We Didn't Start the Fire!

FanIQ's Rating: 10.0 (5 votes)
Submitted 3/18/08
by: kramer

Sport: Locker Room
Teams:  Humor
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#11 | 2417 days ago

#12 | 2417 days ago
Sporz_Freek (+)

 That says it all Bryan. The more friends you have ,the more comments from them that you have to keep up with. Eventually answering comments,responding to mail in your inbox and deleting spam gets to be a nightmare. In my opinion, Facebook and MySpace are monsters which people with too much time on their hands and no life created and now these monsters are out of control.

 A thumbs up to the video though

#13 | 2415 days ago
Disciple (+)

I haven't ever been on MySpace or Facebook, but that video was funny.  I'm guessing there is a lot of spam going on there...
#14 | 2373 days ago

Funny thing is, the first place I heard this song was on facebook. 

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