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21-30 of 57 videos

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Danica Patrick Will Fight Ryan Briscoe

FanIQ's Rating: 7.0 (1 vote)
Submitted 5/26/08
by: CriticalFanatic

Sport: IndyCar

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#25 | 2311 days ago

she'll probaly run his a$$ over
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#21 | 2311 days ago

she'll probaly run his a$$ over
#22 | 2310 days ago

No matter how hard you try, Danica, you will never be as tough, as poised, or as successful as Shirley Muldowney.


Shirley wouldn't have talked about it.  She would've just gone to the trailer and socked the guy.


Pioneer for women's racing my butt.

#23 | 2310 days ago

I think she could take him...

#24 | 2308 days ago

Briscoe looks like Indy's answer to Nascar's Jean Girard.

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