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Dale Earnhardt Tribute "One More Day" - 15 Comment
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Dale Earnhardt Tribute "One More Day"

A tribute to Dale Earnhardt, Sr. "One More Day" performed by Diamond Rio

FanIQ's Rating: 9.7 (35 votes)
Submitted 6/19/09
by: ChargerJim

Teams:  Kevin Harvick
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#16 | 1952 days ago

Wow, this is an incredible find. I need more kleenex. Thank you for posting.
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#1 | 1952 days ago

Wow, this is an incredible find. I need more kleenex. Thank you for posting.
#2 | 1952 days ago
gambler_20 (+)

an incredible man and true legend of his sport, gone long before he should have been
#3 | 1952 days ago

A beautiful tribute to a legendary driver.
#4 | 1952 days ago

That is just beautiful.  A real tear jerker.   Thanks for sharing that.
#5 | 1952 days ago

brought me back to the Greg Moore tragedy in Vancouver in an Indy race in 1999. Two great losses.
#6 | 1952 days ago

 Excellent video.... still miss that Black #3.... always will!!!
#7 | 1952 days ago
AudiThree (+)

 Not just a great stock car driver but also a man of integrity, dignity and love.  Wonderful tribute, thanks for posting it! 
#8 | 1952 days ago
PackRat (+)

This is what FanIQ is all about ...thanks for sharing
#9 | 1952 days ago

I'm usually the one to hold people together in sad times, but that still choked me up 8 years later.  Thanks for sharing!
#10 | 1952 days ago
AndiLee0388 (+)

(Edited 06/19/09 7:08PM by AndiLee0388)
Can't talk now.........

Not one single second of a race goes by, without a thought of you....you are forever ingrained in my heart!!!
#11 | 1952 days ago

Damn I miss him!
#12 | 1951 days ago

thank  you  jim   for  this  wonderful   tribute
#13 | 1951 days ago

Thank You !! God Bless & Keep the Spirt Alive !!!
#14 | 1949 days ago

The Man is a LEGEND and has and will always be terribly missed!!!
#15 | 1949 days ago
gmusicgrl (+)

Dale Earnhardt Sr. is/was my all time favorite Nascar driver.  He was what Nascar is all about.  This video made it seem like yesterday - and he was only 49...   We still miss you Dale, Sr.!!! 
Thank you for posting, Jim. 

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