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"Who You'd Be Today" by Kenny Chesney

This is for my friend, Bryan Coursey. Bryan is smart, funny, athletic and just an all-around good guy. He's a son, a brother, an uncle and a friend. He loves basketball and is considered to be the greatest player in North Valley High School (Reno, Nevada) history. His beautiful girlfriend Mandy is a firecracker and there is no doubt in my mind that the two of them would be enjoying their life together with their families except for that he's dead. He probably never saw the bullet that struck him in the temple that fateful June night in 2008 as he was getting into his car. He spent almost two weeks in a coma and was on his way to a full recovery when a blood clot in his leg ended his life much too soon. Many hearts were broken on July 1, 2008 as Bryan passed from this life to touch the face of God. You deserved better on this Earth, Bryan. I miss you, my friend.

FanIQ's Rating: 9.9 (11 votes)
Submitted 9/26/09
by: ChargerJim

Sport: Locker Room

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#15 | 1854 days ago
Sherry63 (+)

(Edited 09/27/09 1:46PM by Sherry63)
Wow that was a sad song. Sorry about your loose Jim. To be honest I couldnt listen to the whole song. I lost my Grandfather Sept. 1. God Bless.
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#1 | 1854 days ago
Sherry63 (+)

(Edited 09/27/09 1:46PM by Sherry63)
Wow that was a sad song. Sorry about your loose Jim. To be honest I couldnt listen to the whole song. I lost my Grandfather Sept. 1. God Bless.
#2 | 1854 days ago

sorry about your friend!!! 
#3 | 1854 days ago
AndiLee0388 (+)

My heart goes out Bryan's family, friends and his girl, and to you Jim. This is one of my favorite Chesney songs.
What a great tribute to pay to your friend!
#4 | 1854 days ago
krob1112 (+)

Omg! that song and the video sent chills throughout my body! It was so touching and sad, i know the feeling when i lost my Uncle when he was only 23,so i do know what it feels like. so sorry!
#5 | 1854 days ago
broncontexas (+)

wow the song hits the situaion right on the head my pryaers go out to his family
#6 | 1854 days ago

What an amazing video to use as a tribute to your friend. The story about your friend broke my heart and this video added to it. i am so sorry about your friend. My thoughts and prayers go out to your friends family, his girlfriend and to you Jim. God bless all of you and bring you peace. 
#7 | 1854 days ago
MPRacing (+)

Losing friends way too soon is the hardest thing to deal with, I know this from personal experience. You and his family are definitely in my thoughts.
#8 | 1853 days ago
Louisiana_Woman (+)

I pray that as the days go by you will hurt less, but never forget Bryan and the friendship you shared. God Bless you all.
#9 | 1853 days ago

Jim ty for sharing this.What a beautiful way to pay tribute to your friend.I also use this song as a Tribute to a baby I lost in July 12 2000.You and his family and girlfriend are in my on going prayers and that Justice will be served for him.Thanks again for sharing.I love this song even though I cry everytime I hear it.HUGS buddy.Take Care and God Bless
#10 | 1853 days ago

Awesome Tribute Jim Thanks for sharing God Bless you and his family and Girlfrined
#11 | 1853 days ago
tumble_weed (+)

Thanks for sharing that. It was beautiful.
#12 | 1853 days ago

(Edited 09/27/09 1:40PM by blondie45044)
Jim thanks for sharing your friendship with Bryan was an amazing, you were both lucky to have each other. This was an awesome tribute, glad you have some fond memories to help with the pain you must feel daily. Hang on the reminder you will be together again for that game he is going to win.  Got to keep the faith, that friendship grown here will present itself again.
#13 | 1853 days ago

Bless you & your friendships for each one is special - which you are truely one of those rare & great people whom all love. God Bless & Great Sorrow for your loss.OXOX
#14 | 1852 days ago

Jim beautiful way of remembering your friend and a tribute to your friendship with  Bryan God rest his Soul

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