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BIll Clinton on Anderson Cooper (Gay Marriage and Polarized Politics)

Former President Bill Clinton tells Anderson Cooper why he has changed his stance on gay marriage, and talks about the divide among politicians in this country.

FanIQ's Rating: 10.0 (4 votes)
Submitted 9/30/09
by: janet011685

Sport: Locker Room

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#6 | 1816 days ago
NorseHeathen (+)

Pretty much what I expected.....
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#1 | 1816 days ago
mooser58 (+)

I like that he is finally changing his mind but it is a shame he wasted eight years fighting this while he could have made a difference.
#2 | 1816 days ago

True ... but maybe his influence will help in the fight now.  I hear he has some connections in the White House. 
#3 | 1816 days ago

Agree and disagree.  DADT and the DOMA are horrible laws, but quite frankly they were politically viable.  DOMA is obviously a step back and shouldn't have ever happened.  DADT, while dehumanizing in many ways, was still a step in the right direction.  If Obama gets a second term, I'm sure both will be reversed.
#4 | 1816 days ago
NorseHeathen (+)

Pretty much what I expected.....
#5 | 1816 days ago

Thank you, Pres. Clinton.  I wish you would have done this while in office, but better late than never. Noone in this country should have to fight for the right to be equal

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