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1-10 of 26 videos

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Amphibious Car Vehicle

Amphibious Car Vehicle at Lake Havasu and Newport Beach, CA "American Deamin". This video was shot in Orange County California and shows the latest WaterCar. The new automatic transmission WaterCar Python Edition will be unveiled shortly!!!

FanIQ's Rating: 10.0 (2 votes)
Submitted 11/1/09
by: SusanVette

Sport: Locker Room
Teams:  Cars
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#5 | 1817 days ago

SusanVette wrote:
I want one 
Me too!  Very cool.
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#1 | 1817 days ago

I want one 
#2 | 1817 days ago

SusanVette wrote:
I want one 
Me too!  Very cool.
#3 | 1817 days ago

We should invest in these before China does.
#4 | 1816 days ago

Is everyone planning to 'drive' &'dive' at the same time????

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