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Ave Maria....

Pavarotti. Schubert. Brilliance.

FanIQ's Rating: 9.6 (21 votes)
Submitted 9/9/09
by: mooser58

Sport: Locker Room

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#14 | 1869 days ago

Wow great pavarotti.RIP.
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#1 | 1869 days ago

Wow great pavarotti.RIP.
#2 | 1869 days ago
NorseHeathen (+)

Wow.....just listening to this makes me awestruck.  A truly brilliant composition, and Pavarotti's vocals are beyond comparison.
#3 | 1869 days ago

very nice!!!
#4 | 1869 days ago
SaraBear (+)

#5 | 1869 days ago
tumble_weed (+)

If there's one song that can bring me to tears, it's "Ave Maria". I love the version from the Disney classic, "Fantasia". Beautiful beyond words.
#6 | 1869 days ago
tumble_weed (+)

(Edited 09/09/09 9:23PM by tumble_weed)
...Thanks. Now I have to go blow my nose.!
#7 | 1869 days ago

I love this song...makes me think of my father every time I hear it. :)
#8 | 1869 days ago
spyder6665 (+)

thank you for this it gives me goose bumps
#9 | 1868 days ago

I'm so glad I waited til now to listen to this. He has such a heavenly voice.  The hairs on my arms are still standing up, and Joyce, I got all blubbery too.. shhhhh *sniff sniff*  *honkkkkkkkk*  He had such a talent, the ease with which he sings.. like one expert at their art.. makes it look as though we all could do it.  He just opens his mouth and joy bursts out.  It is just so hard to think he is gone so young.  Thanks mooser for sharing.. It's been a full-moon week and I needed to hear something so breathtakingly beautiful.
#10 | 1868 days ago

sigh !
somebody pinch me !
am i day dreaming ?

very soon i am gonna hijack u for ur collection - be warned Mark ! 
#11 | 1868 days ago

This was my grandfather's fav song so it always reminds me of him. My Aunt (his youngest daughter) had me sing this at her wedding which was not long after my grandfather passed away. Their wasn't a dry eye in the whole church including mine. Good memory. Ty!
#12 | 1868 days ago

Ah Mooser...this is a beautiful song. It will bring tears to my eyes every time I hear it.  They played this every Christmas Eve at Midnight Mass. Even as a child it mad me cry. Thank you for the post and the memories.
#13 | 1866 days ago

Pure Magic!
You left us WAY to soon, Pavarotti!
Now I got tears in my eyes.

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