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Best Football Play ... EVER

Boise State has nothing on these Pee Wee Geniuses

FanIQ's Rating: 8.0 (4 votes)
Submitted 7/28/07
by: CriticalFanatic

Sport: NCAAF

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#1 | 2640 days ago

is it legal to snap the ball like that?
#2 | 2640 days ago
rootman54 (+)

Yea dont you have to so hike or hut or does the play start on the snap of the ball
#3 | 2639 days ago

play starts on ball movement.  the trick is to make sure the o-line stays down in its stance.  that was beautiful.


our was similar but not the same, we used a motion reciever to get mad and run to the caoch bitching about something, then we he wasn't coverend because it looked like he was going out to be subbed we hiked it, he ran a fly and was wide open everytime.


great video!

#4 | 2639 days ago
ahusted (+)

(Edited 07/30/07 3:22PM by ahusted)

i thought you had to snap it through your legs directly to the QB.


I guess from watching "Wrong ball"--its legal.

#5 | 2639 days ago
Adrianne (+)

that is definetly not a leagal play. listen carefully and you will hear the whistle blowing the ball dead!!!!
#6 | 2638 days ago

I didn't hear a whistle after the snap...
#7 | 2637 days ago
rootman54 (+)

JBrenn wrote:
I didn't hear a whistle after the snap...
Yea me either lol.  And since Ive seen the same play only in a High school game video on Best Damn top 50, I think its legal
#8 | 2635 days ago
RenegadeLG (+)

Another puss play like the other video, I can't believe parents applaud that crap.
#9 | 2635 days ago

One could also call it smart. Apparently someone feels threatened by anything somewhat intelligent.


The play is legal, and it's preying on the other team's uncertainty. Parents applaud it because they want to encourage their kids for not only winning, but using their brains to do it. Thinking outside the box like that will get someone a lot farther in life than juking a few 8 year olds.

#10 | 2635 days ago
RenegadeLG (+)

It's not thinking outside the box, it's copying something they saw on RealTV.  And while it won't affect the kids either way, it's shows a lack of creativity on the coaches part.  And I find it hilarious that Chins McKenzie is calling me stupid.  I count six.
#11 | 2632 days ago

This play is perfectly legal. It doesn't matter how the ball is snapped, because the play begins on ball movement.

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