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1-10 of 15 videos

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Chicago Cubs Clinch 2007 NL Central Celebration

The Chicago Cubs celebrate being the National League Central Division Champs

FanIQ's Rating: 2.0 (1 vote)
Submitted 9/30/07
by: CriticalFanatic

Sport: MLB

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#1 | 2579 days ago
Disciple (+)

Yes sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
#2 | 2579 days ago
Disciple (+)

I just saw Dorn go into the back room with a woman & it wasn't his wife.....uh oh!
#3 | 2579 days ago

#4 | 2579 days ago

I was laughing @ the "Cubs Rally" today. They  were acting like they  won the World Series. I  never  seen  a team celebrate a  division championship like they won it all. Pretty Ammusing!  On  a less engative note...Good Luck to the Cubs Though and their  fans! I really  mean  that!!!!!
#5 | 2074 days ago


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