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I believe in you-Don Williams (Even MORE relevant today)

Once again going old school for many of you but I had the iPod on shuffle while working out tonight and this song came on. With 18,000+ songs on my iPod I can go quite a while from hearing a song but this oldie still applies to today.

FanIQ's Rating: 9.9 (18 votes)
Submitted 7/28/09
by: mooser58

Sport: Locker Room

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#19 | 1881 days ago
SuperStar123 (+)

 Thanks Mark,

My wife & I saw him in concert and he was fantastic!!!! I especially like this one, and "Love Is On A Roll!" I have both on my iPod!  

Best Jim

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#1 | 1881 days ago
SuperStar123 (+)

 Thanks Mark,

My wife & I saw him in concert and he was fantastic!!!! I especially like this one, and "Love Is On A Roll!" I have both on my iPod!  

Best Jim

#2 | 1881 days ago

Another song my mom loved. Thanks for sharing.
#3 | 1881 days ago

This has to be the most wonderful music you do not here anymore! I believe in all that and I believe that you are an awesome man! This could not come at a better time I loved it thanks for sharing! Unbelieveable that this came out so long ago and he nailed it! 
#4 | 1881 days ago
NorseHeathen (+)

Man do I love these classics!
#5 | 1881 days ago
Cherrie (+)

Beautiful song,love his voice.THX
#6 | 1881 days ago

Very nice, thanks again Mooser, for finding and sharing many wonderful songs.
#7 | 1881 days ago

(Edited 07/28/09 11:52PM by customercare31)
I am just a novice in music related knowledge, but not so bad as being totally blank.

"I too don't believe - - - - " - Mooser - This song reminds me of the numbers sung by Engelbert Humperdinck. - especially - "When you're all alone, just come on the phone, and call on me".

I don't know if you have heard of this song, the singer or his numbers - but I was a fan of his.  And if u do recollect him and his works, its appreciable.

Such singers lay more stress on the song and its meaning rather than on the music - the music is to just bring it in rhythm. 

Thanks for the treat !
#8 | 1880 days ago
spyder6665 (+)

Thank you. This was great of you to share have not heard this in awhile thank you again
#9 | 1880 days ago

Once again, well done!! Thanks for sharing my friend!! 
#10 | 1880 days ago

Dang Mooser, you did it again. It just amazes me how songs that are probably close to 20 - 30 years old have words in them that sure do apply to the world and the life styles of today. Keep up the great work! I luv it!!    
#11 | 1880 days ago

 Lovely. Been ages since i heard this song (1982-83 probly). Have goosebumps already. Miss Mom & Dad and the pampering i used to get as their onoly son then...
#12 | 1880 days ago

Great oldie, thanks.
#13 | 1880 days ago
tumble_weed (+)

Great song. Thanks. Johnny Cash is my all-time favorite country singer (although he's also in the R & R hall of fame). He's more like a story teller. I went into mourning when he died. I think he died of a broken heart, even though he had a rare central nervous system disorder. He was a class act.
#14 | 1879 days ago
carlalbert64 (+)

 Great song.... I can picture my Uncle's sitting around with accoustic guitars and singing this one....... great memories Mooser!
#15 | 1878 days ago

Classic tune from a classic voice! I have always loved this song.  Thanks, Mooser!
#16 | 1876 days ago

Posting to come back.
#17 | 1874 days ago

Ok, you have some awesome tunes - - beautiful. Thanks Mooser!!
#18 | 1873 days ago

Thanks Mooser, I love this song!  Just the pick-me-up I needed!  The sweet little treasures.

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