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1-10 of 26 videos

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Look At This Dummy Dance

Title says it all...

FanIQ's Rating: 9.2 (18 votes)
Submitted 10/15/09
by: SusanVette

Sport: Locker Room
Teams:  Humor
Tagged as:

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#12 | 1841 days ago
ssusiej46 (+)

laughing so hard
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#1 | 1842 days ago

That is cute!  Sad when a dummy is a lot more flexible that I am (sigh) - I hate getting older because of that! LOL  Thanks Susan!
#2 | 1842 days ago

Wow! the outfit the dummy is wearing brings back memories thanks for reminding me Susan.LMBO
#3 | 1842 days ago

#4 | 1841 days ago
ssusiej46 (+)

laughing so hard
#5 | 1841 days ago

#6 | 1841 days ago
MissyJ (+)

Cute thanks for sharing
#7 | 1840 days ago
Cherrie (+)

LMAO! that dummies got better movies than me
#8 | 1840 days ago

He should've taken the dumy over to the po po and let him hump their leg, THAT would've been AWESOME!
#9 | 1839 days ago

I think if he came po poing up on my leg I might just entice him out there to that water and drown his lil wooden a$$!  not to mention his puppet master     *ROFL*  That is too funny.  His 2:17 min of fame!    Thanks for sharing Suzi!  A good morning laugh!
#10 | 1838 days ago

He's got some moves.
#11 | 1687 days ago

(Edited 03/19/10 5:20AM by mnprojects1)
 The way puppet is dancing is so cute, i love that, thanks to Susan for sharing the cute dance! Funny....Funny, laugh at all time! (ALL IS WELL, EXCEPTIONABLE)

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