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NFL Debate Troy Polamalu VS. Ed Reed VOTE - 14 Comment
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NFL Debate Troy Polamalu VS. Ed Reed VOTE

These are not my videos, these are NFL's videos, I put this video up only for voting on this real debate. This video will not be made for any profit.

FanIQ's Rating: 8.8 (21 votes)
Submitted 1/16/09
by: TheDean1

Sport: NFL
Players:  Ed Reed | Troy Polamalu
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#14 | 2072 days ago

I would take them both, but If I had to choose, Ed Reed...
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#1 | 2072 days ago

Liked the video but do not feel qualified to vote. As I do not watch Pro Sports.
#2 | 2072 days ago

I would take them both, but If I had to choose, Ed Reed...
#3 | 2072 days ago

Ed Reed, is a better player all around.  A game changer, he has the personality that you want on your team. 
#4 | 2072 days ago

Ed Reed over runs less tackles but is a better Ball-hawk, and he's from the U so he's cocky.  I would choose neither player if I needed a guaranteed tackle.
#5 | 2072 days ago

(Edited 01/20/09 2:51AM by evilquacks101)
I'll give Ed Reed a lot of respect as the best Safety who actually plays the position. Troy Polamalu plays the newly created position called "The Small Inside/Outside Linebacker." AKA human missile.

IMO.............. Polamalu has more over all value as a defensive player (tackles)
Where Reed will hang back in the secondary and snipe off INT's................Would love to have have him as a Steeler but wouldn't trade Polamalu  to get him.


#6 | 2072 days ago

Reed is a better ball-hawk.....Polamalu has more experience.  I don't know who is better.  They both make the plays for their teams.
#7 | 2072 days ago

 I'd have to go with Troy!
#8 | 2072 days ago
liladdytude (+)

#9 | 2072 days ago

chalk another up for polamalu.......
#10 | 2071 days ago

Ditto, but if push came to shove,  I too would choose Polamalu.
#11 | 2071 days ago

Troy is a better all around, Reed is a ball hawk, but he can not play the run like troy. it also seems Reed is afraid to tackle at times.
#12 | 2070 days ago

(Edited 01/18/09 10:59PM by evilquacks101)
Now that the AFC championship is over and the Steelers are going to the Super Bowl.......................We have
Troy Polamalu to thank for being the main reason that the Steelers are going to Tampa.
#13 | 2067 days ago

Troy Polamalu for sure ! I agree Troy is the better all round player .. He got my vote ... Plus hes so dern cute :)  lol .. ok had to add that .. sorry ..

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