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Plaxico Burress On Gun Safety (Parody)

This is a video someone posted in a football group on Myspace. It's a parody with a guy playing as Plax talking to kids about gun safety, hilarity ensues.

FanIQ's Rating: 8.9 (18 votes)
Submitted 12/7/08
by: kramer

Sport: NFL
Teams:  Humor
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#1 | 2112 days ago
Grneyes (+)

smart about guns but funny as hell!
#2 | 2112 days ago

#3 | 2112 days ago

That made my Day!!! U need to send that to Letterman!!
#4 | 2112 days ago

oh my goodness what a giggle , help the kids hay how many did he shoot whilst shooting this video well done mate and thanks for sending it made me smile thanks xx
#5 | 2112 days ago

Plaxico and gun safety. That is an oxy noron. Or at least a moron of some kind. 
#6 | 2112 days ago

LMAO...Ok that was hysterical!
Plaxico is "shot out" for real!
I think it is hysterical that these sports stars and rap stars think that they have the need or right to carry firearms. This is not the Wild West! You think they would have learned by now that carrying a gun is not only unsafe but is just plain STUPID. Tupac and Biggie get killed, they still walk around acting like thugs and gangstas....Plaxico nearly shoots his legs off and I promise you there are still guys out there acting all "thug" and packing heat. It is utterly rediculous. With all the gun violence going on in our cities, kids getting shot and killed, and still nobody seems to learn the harsh lessons. Live by the sword, DIE by the sword. That idoit should just thank his lucky stars that he didn't accidentally seriously hurt, kill himself OR someone else. What will it take for these fake ass Gangstas to learn? I guess someone else has to die. What a shame!
My dad was a Philly cop 35 years, NEVER carried his weapon off duty, why? because too many bad accidents and horrific incidents can occur. You are out drinking and someone pisses you off, so you pull out a gun, then what happens? Cop or no cop, you are in serious trouble. Look at OJ, if that gun wasn't involved I promise you the outcome would have been alot different.  You feel too invinsible with that weapon on you and you take chances you normally wouldn't. I am all for freedom to bear arms, but to what extent? When does it all become insanity? Imagine what it would be like if we were all allowed to just walk around all the time carrying pistols? I dunno it just doesn't seem right to me.....Just my opinion.
#7 | 2112 days ago

"You suppose' unload that motherf%$#$..."  lmfao

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