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Shane Battier Gets Elbowed In The Face By Sasha Vujacic - Video

Shane Battier Would Like The Refs To Stop Play When His Face Gets Bloodied. Is That Too Much To Ask?

Battier needed 4 stitches after taking this elbow to the face late in the 1st quarter of Game 1 of the Lakers-Rockets series.

FanIQ's Rating: 7.0 (38 votes)
Submitted 5/5/09
by: Pat

Sport: NBA
Teams:  Humor
Players:  Shane Battier | Sasha Vujacic
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#1 | 2004 days ago
calvin1245 (+)

Wow! How can the officials not see something like that? When I reffereed kids basketball we always used our ears as well as our eyes to officiate a game; there is no way someone didn't hear that! NBA officiating is the worse! At least in baseball the umps get it right most of the time, not always, but most!
#2 | 2004 days ago

I thought boston had bad officials but this is ridiculous and thanks for the information
#3 | 2004 days ago

Are the NCAAF refs moonlighting in the NBA?
#4 | 2004 days ago

Cool video!

Scream Ghost Face Stalker Scary Movie Mask Dripping Bloody Bleeding Scarey Halloween Costume
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#6 | 2004 days ago

 Shane was like screaming at the referees trying to get them to let him get a time out! Holy crap! They were like looking in the stands saying hi to their betting buddies. 
#7 | 2004 days ago

(Edited 05/05/09 5:20PM by streetballer123)
Screw Sasha Vujacic
#8 | 2004 days ago
IEatU (+)

they didnt see all that blood on his face?

#9 | 2004 days ago

Come on refs stop the play he looks like he was in a fight
#10 | 2004 days ago

Gotta love Battier, he plays like a man. Solid player and my all time fav Blue Devil b/c he actually stayed all 4 years and won a title, plus he was a pretty dang good player at Duke.

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