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Tiger Woods Tackles Would-Be Thief

Outtake. Tiger ad-libbed during a Buick tv commercial shoot and tackled his co-star.

FanIQ's Rating: 9.8 (12 votes)
Submitted 7/25/09
by: ChargerJim

Sport: Golf
Teams:  Humor
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#7 | 1914 days ago

Funny, Jim!   Lions will be better with Stafford...they can't do any worse, right?    And now we know what Tiger can do...
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#1 | 1914 days ago

Do you think that he will be drafted next year for the Steelers?
#2 | 1914 days ago

That was a pretty nice looking tackle. lol
#3 | 1914 days ago

Maybe the Detroit Lions should've taken Tiger instead of Stafford, right, Susan?  
#4 | 1914 days ago

Funny, Jim!   Lions will be better with Stafford...they can't do any worse, right?    And now we know what Tiger can do...
#5 | 1914 days ago

That is hilarious!  If he keeps up like that, he should be back on top in no time!  Wait, he was on top in that video!  *giggle*  Thanks for sharing Jim!  Great video! 
#6 | 1914 days ago


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