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1-10 of 15 videos

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Wrigley Field Bleachers At Their Best

Sadly or Fortunately, depending on your view point, I can confirm for you that this is a regular occurrence in the Wrigley Bleachers.

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Submitted 10/5/07
by: CriticalFanatic

Sport: MLB

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#1 | 2552 days ago
Disciple (+)

WTH?  No wonder the Cubs are always losing -- they can't stay focused!


& no wonder that last guy wants to blow up America.....we're heathens!

#2 | 2552 days ago

Perfect explanation of why I hate sitting in the bleachers at Wrigley...

#3 | 2552 days ago
ahusted (+)

first off...that was impressive.


second, if you have ever been to wrigley, that is obviously before the game and not during. its never that empty in the bleachers when its warm enough to dress like that.

#4 | 2552 days ago

fxdirect wrote:

Perfect explanation of why I hate sitting in the bleachers at Wrigley...

You hate girls?
#5 | 2548 days ago

Gotta love dumb, hot women with nothing to do but show off their rail thin yet plastic bodies.  I guess we found out that men aren't the only ones that come up with different ways to use our undergarments.

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