WNBA championship odds: Brittney Grinner and the Phoenix Mercury lead the way

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Brittney Griner and the Phoenix Mercury are the favorites to win this year's WNBA title The NBA season is only a few weeks away from...

132 three pointers in five minutes is apparently possible

5/10/13 in WNBA   |   Pat   |   5235 respect

Former Kansas State star Laurie Koehn heard that someone made 118 three pointers in five minutes, so she decided to beat it. Here's ...

WNBA top draft pick announces she's gay

4/18/13 in WNBA   |   Pat   |   5235 respect

Shortly after being drafted #1 overall by the Phoenix Mercury, Brittney Griner has announced that she's a homosexual. Griner isn't the f...

Tamika Catchings leads Indiana Fever to WNBA Championship title

10/22/12 in WNBA   |   IvanRogers   |   1352 respect

Pumped on by an raucous home crowd, the Indiana Fever maintained an early, but close lead over eth Minnesota Lynx who kept pushing forth time and t...

This, Ladies And Gentlemen, Is Why The WNBA Sucks

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The next time someone implies that a woman could ever play in the NBA, I will refer them to this video. It took a wide-open lane for...

Nightly Wrap Up: WNBA On Tonight, So Turn Your TV Off

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Today's blog goodness 1. Michael celebrated his freedom by going to a strip club with Allen Iverson. Well played. 2. Mark Buehrle threw a perf...

Unless You Dig The WNBA, Do Something Else Tonight [Nightly Wrap Up]

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Today's blog goodness 1. Come on LeBron, let us see the tape of you getting dunked on. 2. More Favre news. And even more Favre news. 3. The Ca...

Lisa Leslie Represents The WNBA Perfectly During "Superstars" Reality Show By Building A Brick Mansion

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Whenever someone criticizes the WNBA for their lack of athleticism and low quality of play, WNBA fans always come back with the...

Ah Crap. Nothing But WNBA Tonight. [Nightly Wrap Up]

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Today's blog goodness 1. Who are the worst NFL teams of the last few years? 2. How can the Rockets replace Yao? Chris Bosh. 3. Can Pujols win ...

Do you think a WNBA team will pick up Ivory Latta before the start of the WNBA "Expect Great" season?

6/16/09 in WNBA   |   icedee   |   170 respect

Some fans in Atlanta aren't appreciative of the fact that Ivory Latta was cut from the (get this) the Dream Team see link...http://atlantadreamblog...


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:(:):(:):(:) DA D A D AD A D

Goodbye, Sweet Comet Boy [Blog Patrol]

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The Houston Comets have folded, but we will always remember Comet Boy. [Deadspin] The NFL has already prevented you from buying a Harr...

los angeles sparks

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ma joueuse préféré c lisa leslie ggggooooo sparks

Now That Those Pesky Olympics Are Over, I Finally Get My WNBA Back!

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My name's Dr. Commento and I'm a WNBAholic.   Yes, I am a guy. I willingly admit that women playing basketball does not make me feel threate...

This Would Be A Good Example Of Why No One Takes The WNBA Seriously

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For a brief period of time in its 10 plus year existence, the WNBA was actually relevant. All it took was the Malice in the Palace II to make it ...