Goodbye, Sweet Comet Boy [Blog Patrol]

12/2/08 in WNBA   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

The Houston Comets have folded, but we will always remember Comet Boy. [Deadspin] The NFL has already prevented you from buying a Harr...

los angeles sparks

9/13/08 in WNBA   |   kiss_picsou   |   respect

ma joueuse préféré c lisa leslie ggggooooo sparks

Now That Those Pesky Olympics Are Over, I Finally Get My WNBA Back!

8/28/08 in WNBA   |   MannyStiles   |   respect

My name's Dr. Commento and I'm a WNBAholic.   Yes, I am a guy. I willingly admit that women playing basketball does not make me feel threate...

This Would Be A Good Example Of Why No One Takes The WNBA Seriously

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For a brief period of time in its 10 plus year existence, the WNBA was actually relevant. All it took was the Malice in the Palace II to make it ...

And They're Playing The Feud!!!

7/23/08 in WNBA   |   Jubanator14   |   367 respect

So first we kicked off the week with Danica Patrick and Milka Duno with their semi cat fight, if you even want to call it that, and now the...

I Hope You Like The WNBA

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Today's blog goodness 1. Say no to Brett Favre. 2. Matt Jones got caught with nose candy. 3. Big-10 versus Pac-10 to start off the college ...

Your Once A Year WNBA Update

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Candace Parker became the 2nd player ever to dunk in a WNBA game. She "threw it down" with 29 seconds left in a game on Sunday agai...

My Baby Momma

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Is't it so perfect that my baby momma will be part of the WNBA Sparks. Cadice Parker is fine as hell, U know ladies are gonna turn out to the games...

Saving the WNBA: Playing Hoops Scantily Clad in Stiletto's

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I thought you guys might enjoy this diversion: Two chicks playing hoops in stiletto's. That's really all that needs to be said. Potenti...

Hey! I Found $5 on the Ground! Oh Yeah, and the Phoenix Mercury Also Won the WNBA Title

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After years and years of coming close but falling just short, Phoenix finally has its first basketball championship. Yes, the Mercury beat the S...